Saturday, May 15, 2010


Early breakfast, depart Hotel President in Udine on the Colli Orientali area in Friuli, to the wineries of Torre Rosazza and Borgo Magredo.Wines - Borgo Magredo prosecco Borgo Magredo pinot grigjo 09 from Grave, Torre Rosazza pinot grigio 09, Torre Rosazza friulano 09. Torre Rosazza Sauvignon Blanc 09, all from Colle Orientale, Borgo Magredo pinot nero 09, Grave Friuli, Torre Rosazza pinot nero "ronco del palazzo Colle Otientale del Friuli 05, Torre Rosazza altromerlot, Colle Orientale del Friuli. Again enjoy a SIMPLE Lunch! So Italian. The Colle Orientali is a special area, a very different sense of place with the Alps so close, Austria, and Slovenia different from Italy for sure. Now on the road to Verona. The drive should take about 3hrs, this afternoon we'll be going to Castellani winery in Marano della Valpalicella with the Castellani Family, tasting with "owner wine- maker Sergio Stefani. And doughter Mara. Leave to check in at Hotel Verona, free night in Verona. Here in the Valpolicella Classico the trellied system used is called Pergola. The grapes are dry for 4 months with open windows and vents for the fruit to dehydrate, the grapes will losse about 40% at the wieght, the fermentation takes about 45 days, more the any wine I know, corvina igt is only dry for 2 month, recioto is like Amarone except it does not finished fermentetion, Armarone will go dry by adding new yeast to finish fermentation, by law it needs to be 3yr in oak and 1yr in the bottle. Ripasso needs to be 18 months in oak and 9 months in the bottle.Wines: Corvina igt the fruit is dry for 2 month and 15 month in oak 06. Ripasso Corvina, Rindinella, Molinara 06. Colle Christi Corvina, Rindinella, Molinara 06. Campo Caselin Corvina, Rindinella, Molinara 06. Cinque Stelle 06. Ricioto Corvina, Rindinella, Molinara 07. By law Ripasso must have at least 50% of Corvina and Amarone is 70% the rest is the other two varietals. Amarone was born in the early 1900's (1932) by having the wine referment.Tonight we are in Verona for Food & Wine. Went to Bottega Vini for couple wines and Alfredo & I went to dinner at Osteria della Vigna a great Restaurant, great Menestrone, Mussels, Spaghetti alla Vongole, Linguine alla Bottarga, but the hightlight of the night was "Horse Salad with Rucola & Cheese" yes Caballo for dinner.

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