Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 5

7:00 breakfast, in the bus, leaving Montalcino from the town of Chianciono heading west towards Maremma, it will be about two hr drive. After we will be traveling to Chianti Classico and staying in Florence, having dinner with couple of friends from here Kathrerine and Paolo.Now we are in the Montecucco doc wish is in the soutern part of Tuscany. wines: Colle Madsari winery "Melacce" Vermentino 09. Grattamacco Bianco Vermentino Bolgheri doc 08, Colle Massari Rosato Toscano "Grottolo" 09, Colle Massarie Montecucco Rosso doc "Rigoleto" 08, Colle Masseri Riserva Montecucco Rosso 07, Colle Massari "Lombrone" Sangiovesse Riserva Montecucco doc 06, Colle Massari Bolgheri Rosso 08, Grattomacco "l'alberrello" Rosso 07, Grattamacco Rosso Bolgheri Rosso 07. Great Lunch with Lucca the wine maker and the owner of Claudio Tipa and his wife Maria Maurizio. In the bus to Chianti Classico In Greve should be a three hr drive. Vignamaggio 700 yr old Winery. The Gherardini family satarted this Winery in chianti Classico, Lisa Gherardini was the Daughter soon to be be "Monai Lisa" Leonardo de Vinci made the portait, they own 100 acres of Vineyards, Morino 100% Sangiovese 08, Castello di Spaltenna Chianti Classico 07, Vignamaggio "terre di Prenzano" Chianti Classico 07, "Gherardino" 07, Vignaggio Castello di Monna Lisa Chisati Classino 06, 1st Vintage 85, Vignmaggio Obsession 04, Vignamaggio Cab-Farnc 04 35 yr vines, Vignamaggio Levanter Primitivo, Salento igt 07, Vignamaggio "Suhaili" Syrah, Salento igt 07, Vignamaggio Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 03.... Ok its 5:30pm and we are heading to Florence, Thank you! What a long day!!! Dinner in Florence was incredible, Puerto Fino Restaurant with my Friends, amazing seafood the highlight was a whole "Rombo" Turbot

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