Saturday, May 15, 2010


Early breakfast, depart Hotel President in Udine on the Colli Orientali area in Friuli, to the wineries of Torre Rosazza and Borgo Magredo.Wines - Borgo Magredo prosecco Borgo Magredo pinot grigjo 09 from Grave, Torre Rosazza pinot grigio 09, Torre Rosazza friulano 09. Torre Rosazza Sauvignon Blanc 09, all from Colle Orientale, Borgo Magredo pinot nero 09, Grave Friuli, Torre Rosazza pinot nero "ronco del palazzo Colle Otientale del Friuli 05, Torre Rosazza altromerlot, Colle Orientale del Friuli. Again enjoy a SIMPLE Lunch! So Italian. The Colle Orientali is a special area, a very different sense of place with the Alps so close, Austria, and Slovenia different from Italy for sure. Now on the road to Verona. The drive should take about 3hrs, this afternoon we'll be going to Castellani winery in Marano della Valpalicella with the Castellani Family, tasting with "owner wine- maker Sergio Stefani. And doughter Mara. Leave to check in at Hotel Verona, free night in Verona. Here in the Valpolicella Classico the trellied system used is called Pergola. The grapes are dry for 4 months with open windows and vents for the fruit to dehydrate, the grapes will losse about 40% at the wieght, the fermentation takes about 45 days, more the any wine I know, corvina igt is only dry for 2 month, recioto is like Amarone except it does not finished fermentetion, Armarone will go dry by adding new yeast to finish fermentation, by law it needs to be 3yr in oak and 1yr in the bottle. Ripasso needs to be 18 months in oak and 9 months in the bottle.Wines: Corvina igt the fruit is dry for 2 month and 15 month in oak 06. Ripasso Corvina, Rindinella, Molinara 06. Colle Christi Corvina, Rindinella, Molinara 06. Campo Caselin Corvina, Rindinella, Molinara 06. Cinque Stelle 06. Ricioto Corvina, Rindinella, Molinara 07. By law Ripasso must have at least 50% of Corvina and Amarone is 70% the rest is the other two varietals. Amarone was born in the early 1900's (1932) by having the wine referment.Tonight we are in Verona for Food & Wine. Went to Bottega Vini for couple wines and Alfredo & I went to dinner at Osteria della Vigna a great Restaurant, great Menestrone, Mussels, Spaghetti alla Vongole, Linguine alla Bottarga, but the hightlight of the night was "Horse Salad with Rucola & Cheese" yes Caballo for dinner.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 6

Early breafast again, we have a couple hours in Florence and then going to Fattoria Le Sorgenti in the Colle Fiorentini near Florence. The state is owned by the Ferrari family.Wine: Sghiras Blanc, 70% Chardonnay 30% Sauvignon Blanc, Respiro, Gaiaccia, Toscana 07, Laudemio olive oil. 80% frontoli, 20% the rest, Laudemio is a Consortium created by the Frescobaldi's there are about 25 producers that make Laudemio Oil in the Central Hills of Tuscany "the final product is simply the best" Scoris Cab, Merlot, 06, Great simple Lunch and now we have a 5hr drive to Friuli the north eastern part of Italy. What a drive! It took longer than I thoght! But made it to dinner at La Taverna di Coloredo a great Restaurant in the Colli Orientali right next to Slovenia, The reception was amazing lots of little bites and Prosecco by Borgo Magredo, and Dinner with Torre Rosazza winey

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 5

7:00 breakfast, in the bus, leaving Montalcino from the town of Chianciono heading west towards Maremma, it will be about two hr drive. After we will be traveling to Chianti Classico and staying in Florence, having dinner with couple of friends from here Kathrerine and Paolo.Now we are in the Montecucco doc wish is in the soutern part of Tuscany. wines: Colle Madsari winery "Melacce" Vermentino 09. Grattamacco Bianco Vermentino Bolgheri doc 08, Colle Massari Rosato Toscano "Grottolo" 09, Colle Massarie Montecucco Rosso doc "Rigoleto" 08, Colle Masseri Riserva Montecucco Rosso 07, Colle Massari "Lombrone" Sangiovesse Riserva Montecucco doc 06, Colle Massari Bolgheri Rosso 08, Grattomacco "l'alberrello" Rosso 07, Grattamacco Rosso Bolgheri Rosso 07. Great Lunch with Lucca the wine maker and the owner of Claudio Tipa and his wife Maria Maurizio. In the bus to Chianti Classico In Greve should be a three hr drive. Vignamaggio 700 yr old Winery. The Gherardini family satarted this Winery in chianti Classico, Lisa Gherardini was the Daughter soon to be be "Monai Lisa" Leonardo de Vinci made the portait, they own 100 acres of Vineyards, Morino 100% Sangiovese 08, Castello di Spaltenna Chianti Classico 07, Vignamaggio "terre di Prenzano" Chianti Classico 07, "Gherardino" 07, Vignaggio Castello di Monna Lisa Chisati Classino 06, 1st Vintage 85, Vignmaggio Obsession 04, Vignamaggio Cab-Farnc 04 35 yr vines, Vignamaggio Levanter Primitivo, Salento igt 07, Vignamaggio "Suhaili" Syrah, Salento igt 07, Vignamaggio Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 03.... Ok its 5:30pm and we are heading to Florence, Thank you! What a long day!!! Dinner in Florence was incredible, Puerto Fino Restaurant with my Friends, amazing seafood the highlight was a whole "Rombo" Turbot

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who says just because you are in Montepulciano sipping the best of Salcheto you can't add in a little Secret treasure from the central coast?

Day four:7:30 breakfast the best yet! Somewhat an American breakfast, 8:00 ready to drive it's 4 hrs from Osimo In the Marche region to Montalcino. On the road again and listening to mana en vivo, Going through the mountains between Marche and Umbria . Next Perrugia, Umbria is home of Sagrantino from Montefalco. Beautiful drive on a1 after Perugia is the Castiglioni del Lago, stopping in Cortona for a bite! Just getting to Montepulciano where the famus Beef comes from " Bistaca Fiorentina" now we are at Palazzo winery a small family owned, they only have 4.5hc of vineyards and is operated by the family only, 25000.000 btls produced. Wine, taste it: Rosso di montalcino 07. Brunello di Montalcino 04 05, 04,03 riserva and 04 alcineo. 1 yr old age grappa and white grappa. Done! I feellike this winery stole my heart, the people that run the day to day operations are so genuine and you can taste that in the wine, I think I just spent my allowence for the rest of the year! Now driving to Montepulciano to Salcheto winery,pre-tasting chianti colli senesi 08. Vino nobile di Montepulciano. Before dinner we had a choice, spa at the hotel or exploring the town of Montepulciano, I choose the town! Beautiful very ancient from the 12 century!!Dinner: with Salcheto winery, rose from MontePulciano 09, Montepulciano 08, Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano docg 04

Sunday, May 9, 2010

day two

Day two: From apulia driving to marche a four hr drive. 9am living barletta on the adriatic coast. On 13 north just past Napoli, just past Foggia. Beautiful Adriatic coast.1 pm just crossed abruzzi now into marche. 4pm at umani ronchi winery. Rosso canero docg. Wine making dating back to 4000 yrs before Christ. They montepulciano d' abruzzi "costamaro" in colline teramane docg. Pecorino is the same family as Greco and fiano, from chieti. Berdicchio dei castelli di jesi doc, casal di serra 09, "Podere" 09. Montipulciano d'abruzzo 08 "montipagano" rosso conero 100% montepulciano "San Lorenzo vineyard" 07. "jorio" montepulciano d'abruzzoDinner: lacrima de morro d'alba, pecorino, "plenio" verdiccho reserva 06."cumaro" conero riserva montepulciano marche docg 06. "Pegalo" montipulciano , cab, merlot, marche 06 finished with some grappa and Maximo sweet

Italy Day one

Day one: of tasting and bus traveling.7 am breakfast. On a 3 hour drive to campania area of avellino to casa dell'orco winery. The guy next me just threw up! Thanks to my beatiful wife I am listening to mana en vivo! On e 45 towards Napoli beautiful day. A 30 min ride towards avellino. They use big rounds of 24 hl slowvenian oak to about 7 yrs. 2000 botls made here. They are at 360 m high. 1st wine sparkling falanghina from catine iannella. The winery is in st. MichelleThe wines: fiano, Greco, taurasi 05, 03, 01.After lunch: Now driving to apuglia .Andria castel del monte doc 12 to 15 miles from the ocean and 700 feet of elevation Here at the Rivera winery founded in 1950 with sebastiano and Carlo toratto. Primitivo grows in Taranto and negroamaro in salemto in the north of puglia Nero de troia and aglianico, for rose is use bombino Nero and bombino bianco. Primitivo and Neroamaro are early ripening grapes from august to mid September.1st wine: bambino bianco and rose from bambino Nero both lots of acidity and low alcohol. Montepulciano is so grown here. Salice salentono wich is made from negroaro, There are 26 appellations in puglia.09 preludio n1 Chardonnay, 09 pungirosa rose, 04 cappellaccio aglianico, castel del Monte is the only d.o With aglianico in apulia. 05 Il falcone reserva. 06 Triusco primitivo, I sat next to Carlos de corato the father.