Sunday, July 10, 2011


Dinner was a lot of fun! Our reservation was at 8pm, the show started right away. The one question asked, "are there any restrictions?", naturally determined the course of the entire evening. NO restrictions! After the first few courses we were dazzled by the detail and technique involved, little did we know it would continue from all angles until 1:30am. IMPRESSIVE....After 25 courses I felt confused or rather mesmerized by the whole experience. Although we did have some very nice wines, EL BULLI is not about the wine. There is so much going on in every single dish, it is unquestionably an art. I love to travel and eat out, but this was truley a once in a life time experience. would I do it again? Maybe not! I ate everything! service was nearly perfect, the Kitchen was spectacular. I think I counted 45 Chefs and the service staff was no less then that, Ferran Adrià was very friendly and was able to talk to us. The Restaurant is Located in one of the most beautiful places. An experience that was unique, refreshing, and most definitely exciting.


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